As a kid growing up in Missouri, my mom taught me that if I set my sights high and worked hard, no dream was out of reach. My school, my community, and my church reinforced this promise – by expecting the best of me and letting me know they were there for me if I faltered. To secure this promise for every family, we need leaders who will put our values and our communities first. That’s why I’m running for Congress.
— Cort VanOstran


Meet Cort VanOstran


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Cort VanOstran is an attorney, advocate, and educator. He first engaged with politics as a volunteer precinct captain during Senator Claire McCaskill’s first race for the United States Senate. He has since been involved in work for more than a dozen campaigns across three states. Cort is running for Congress because he is determined to put the people of Missouri before establishment politics. He won’t sit by as Washington guts the protections and institutions that make our country strong.

Cort was born and raised in small town Missouri, the son of a flight paramedic and a substitute teacher. When Cort was eight years old, his father died, leaving his mother to raise him and his younger brother and sister. Cort’s family was fueled by hard work, integrity, and a relentless faith in God.

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Cort graduated from public school and went on to Harvard, where scholarships covered the steep tuition. After graduating with honors, Cort returned home to Missouri to study law and give back to his community. Cort was a student law clerk with Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Teitelman, and after law school, he served as a law clerk for two St. Louis-based U.S. District Court judges.

As an attorney, Cort advocates on behalf of farmers and other hardworking Missourians. He’s worked on important litigation with his law firm, including a $217.7 million verdict for Kansas corn farmers in a class action suit based on allegations of corporate negligence.

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As a visiting lecturer at Washington University School of Law, Cort teaches first-year law students. He also coordinates a community partnership between Washington University and several metro-area public schools. Cort recently served on the board of a St. Louis nonprofit that champions the rehabilitation and reentry of Missouri’s prison population, and he regularly teaches and mentors at the Missouri Scholars Academy.


Cort lives in Clayton. He loves baseball games at Busch Stadium, long runs at Grant’s Trail, and concerts at the Maryland Heights amphitheater. He attends The Gathering United Methodist Church.


Missourians Deserve Better

Why I’m Running



I’m running for Congress in Missouri’s Second District because there is too much at stake to sit on the sidelines. Just a few months into this administration, it’s clear that establishment politicians in Washington will sacrifice our health care, our education, and our system of checks and balances just to score political points.

I’m not a politician. I’m not running for office based on family connections or independent wealth. I’m running because I believe the only way we can make government work for all of us is by sending people of integrity to Washington.

So if you’re ready to send a message that Missourians demand better, join me. Together, we can make sure that Washington doesn’t just work for the powerful and well-connected, but for real folks with real dreams here at home. I hope to see you on the trail, and I look forward to earning your vote.

Cort VanOstran is a visiting lecturer at Washington University School of Law. Use of the University’s name does not imply endorsement by Washington University in St. Louis. Views expressed herein are personal and do not reflect those of Washington University in St. Louis.




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