Democrat for U.S. Congress

Why I’m Running

I’m running for Congress in Missouri’s Second District because there is too much at stake to sit on the sidelines. It’s clear that establishment politicians in Washington will sacrifice our health care, our education, and our system of checks and balances just to score political points…

Updates from the Trail

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            [message] => "I will only vote for a candidate who listens. Without more listeners in Congress, we will just keep talking past each other, about each other, but not with each other."
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Cort with his brother and sister, Collin and Callie.

Meet Cort

Cort is an attorney, advocate, and teacher who was born and raised in Missouri. He’s running to represent the Second Congressional District because he believes that the people of the district deserve a representative who works for the people, not for corporate donors. He will work tirelessly to bring accountability and integrity to Washington…

Real Accountability, Real Progress

Cort has a compelling personal story, a strong set of values, and a history of active leadership in the St. Louis community. He is running a professional and competitive campaign that has been impressive to watch. Young and progressive voices are sorely needed in our region and in Congress. I know he would represent us well

– Jake Zimmerman, St. Louis County Assessor

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