I’ve watched for years as Cort has tirelessly dedicated his time to serving our community. From protecting women’s health to supporting a progressive economic vision, Cort shares our values and will be a strong voice for hardworking Missourians in Congress. I trust him to stand up to hold the Trump administration accountable and make us proud.

– STACEY NEWMAN, State Representative MO-87

Cort comes from a working class background. He believes people who work hard and play by the rules should get a fair shake. Cort will fight to level the playing field, build opportunity for all, and focus on strengthening our communities.

– VINCE SCHOEMEHL, former Mayor, St. Louis

Cort is the kind of person who will help working class people in Congress… His background and compassion allow him to serve all people. His dedication and commitment are why I am supporting him for Congress.

– Rita Heard Days, Former State Senator

Cort has a compelling personal story, a strong set of values, and a history of active leadership in the St. Louis community. He is running a professional and competitive campaign that has been impressive to watch. Young and progressive voices are sorely needed in our region and in Congress. I know he would represent us well

– Jake Zimmerman, St. Louis County Assessor

First and foremost Cort is a man of integrity. He has a passion for service and for doing the right thing. No matter how much I like him, I would not be supporting him without that conviction. He listens and he cares. He not only has what it takes to stand up to Republicans in Congress, but he has the tenacity and dedication to get real results for us that will return government to the people.

– CHARLES BURSON, former Chief of Staff to Vice-President Al Gore

Cort is a leader working to resist Trump and build a better future for hardworking Americans. I support him because he is unapologetically progressive, pragmatic, and unbeholden to special interests.

– TRACY McCREERY, State Representative MO-83

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