Protecting Healthcare



Like most Americans, Cort knows firsthand the importance of keeping healthcare affordable for everyone. After recently losing his mother to a battle with breast cancer, Cort understands how critical it is for all Americans to have access to quality healthcare, regardless of their economic circumstances. Families who are fighting illness shouldn’t have to fight to keep their coverage at the same time. That’s why Cort is committed to defending Medicare and Medicaid, strengthening the Affordable Care Act, and working towards new alternatives to lower premiums and increase coverage.

Cort knows that opioid addiction is one of the most pressing public health crises confronting our country today. Cort will tackle the opioid issue by working to expand access to effective and affordable treatment options instead of simply throwing addicts in jail. Addiction is an illness, and Cort believes that we need a public health answer to this public health problem.

Cort recognizes that the choices we make about our healthcare are deeply personal and private. That’s why he will be unwavering in his support and defense of the constitutional right of all women to make their own healthcare decisions.



Investing in Education



Strong schools are the foundation of equal opportunity in America. As a product of Missouri’s public schools himself, Cort will fight to make sure every student has the chance to excel and the skills to succeed in the future. A high quality education is the key to opening the doors of opportunity for our children and securing our nation’s economic future.

Ensuring the promise of equal opportunity requires us to recommit ourselves to the mission of our public schools. Cort is committed to fully funding our public schools from cradle to college and investing in career and job training opportunities for all working Americans. That also means addressing the student loan crisis, preventing the federal government from profiting off of college students, and fighting to expand accessibility and affordability of higher education for families in the Second District.



Strengthening the Economy



The gains in our economy have not been shared equally by those who have helped to spur it. The past decade has been incredibly lucrative for corporate America and the ultrawealthy, while working and middle class wages have stagnated. Meanwhile, President Trump and his allies like Rep. Ann Wagner continue to slash regulations that are designed to protect consumers and stave off another economic collapse.

That’s why Cort will fight to enact policies that will secure the gains we’ve seen in the last decade so that we don’t find ourselves in the midst of another financial catastrophe. That means making sure that we have a minimum wage that is a living wage, so that people who are working to overcome poverty can feed themselves and their families. It means promoting equal pay for equal work. And it means fighting against so-called “right to work” laws that actually take away workers’ rights to organize.

Our economy works best when everyone has an incentive to contribute. That’s why we should incentivize companies to pay their workers better and to keep jobs in this country by eliminating tax breaks for exporting American jobs. Cort supports renegotiating our trade deals to give greater protection to American workers. Cort also supports retraining and education opportunities for workers displaced by foreign competition to ensure that no one is left behind in our changing economy.

American workers are the best in the world, and we want to make sure that American workers have the chance to compete in the global economy. But we also have to make sure that we are creating the kinds of jobs that can’t be easily shipped overseas. That’s why Cort wants to get Americans back to work on improving our national infrastructure and spurring clean energy industries here in the United States. Cort also wants to make it easier for Americans to start small businesses by improving access to credit and expanding the New Markets Tax Credit to help areas of our country that are in economic decline.



Safeguarding Our Environment



Cort opposes the Trump administration’s efforts to slash environmental protections that help keep Missouri beautiful and our families safe. He is deeply concerned about Republicans in Congress who put their corporate donors’ profits ahead of our health and the health of our environment.

Cort will be a champion for growing the renewable energy sector, which will help reduce emissions, create jobs, and make America a world leader in the global energy economy. He also supports U.S. participation in the Paris Agreement on climate change and common-sense protections for our water, air, and soil.



Restoring Integrity and Accountability to Government



Cort is committed to bringing good governance and accountability back to politics. And it starts at home. It starts with showing up to town halls. It starts with listening to constituents, not just wealthy corporate donors. And it starts with a basic level of decency, respect, and compassion. Cort is proud to be endorsed by End Citizens United, a national organization that supports candidates who champion campaign finance reform. Cort has committed to rejecting all corporate PAC money in his campaign for Congress. Missouri’s Second District deserves a representative we can be proud of.



Gun Sense



Cort grew up in rural Missouri, so he understands the important role that responsible gun ownership can play in some communities. But he also recognizes that common sense reforms are necessary to keep our schools and communities safe. For too long, Congress has neglected its responsibility to protect the people with common-sense firearm regulations.

Cort will fight for safety measures like universal background checks, bolstered storage regulations, and restrictions to keep weapons of war on the battlefield instead of our streets and schools. He’ll also work to keep guns out of the hands of people who have proven to be a danger to themselves and others, people on the no-fly list, and perpetrators of domestic abuse and other violent crimes.




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